M.S. Pre-Professional Degree Program

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MS Program Information (click here)


BIOC-B B500 Biochemistry (3 cr)*

PBHL-B B651 Biostatistics (3 cr)*#

PHSL F503 Basic Human Physiology (5 cr)*

PHSL F702 Seminar in Physiology (1 cr)*

Electives (total 3 cr)

Total: 15 cr


PHSL F702  Seminar in Physiology (1 cr)*

Electives and /or Research (14 cr)

Total: 15 cr  


Total Credits Required for MS Degree: 30  

*=required course

#=course offered in Fall, Spring and Summer semesters



Elective courses must be graduate level courses that are relevant to the M.S. degree in Cellular & Integrative Physiology (e.g. course number of 500 or higher) and may be from any of the IUPUI colleges (e.g. IUSM, IUPUI School of Science, Health and Rehabilitation, Informatics and Computing, Public Health etc.).

Example Fall Elective Courses:

BIOL 559 Endocrinology 3 cr

BIOL 566 Developmental Biology 3 cr

BIOL 5741 Molecular and Cellular Bone Biology 3 cr

ANAT D502 Basic Histology 4 cr

MGEN-Q 580 Basic Medical Genetics 3 cr


Example Spring Elective Courses:

1 cr unless otherwise indicated

ANAT D851 Histology (4 cr)

GRAD G716 Molecular Biology & Genetics

GRAD G724 Molecular Cancer Genetics

GRAD G725 Gene Transfer Approaches

GRAD G726 Developmental Genetics

GRAD G728 Fundamentals of Infection & Pathogenesis

GRAD G729 Immunology: Intro to Immune System

GRAD G737 Introduction to Histology

GRAD G746 Chromosome Instability and Disease

GRAD G748 Principles of Toxicology I

GRAD G817 Molecular Basis-Cell Structure & Function (2 cr)

G852 Concepts of Cancer Biology (2 cr)

GRAD G745 Fund Intracellular Signal Transduction (2 cr)

GRAD G720 Stem Cell Biology (2 cr)

Research Option

Students may also enroll in 4 credits of F701 Research In Physiology if they wish to incorporate a research experience in their degree. The research credits may be taken in Summer Session I with full time participation and would reduce the spring course load requirement to 11 credits. Students electing this option will be required to complete an on-line Responsible Conduct of Research module.

Admission Criteria


Admission criteria for the M.S. Pre-Professional Program are shown below.


a) GPA: an overall GPA of 3.0 or better is required

b) Science GPA: a science GPA of 3.0 or better is required

c) Test scores:

MCAT:Minimum total of 25 (old test) or combined total of greater than 498 (new test). Taken within the last 3 years.

GRE: 50% or greater in Quantative, Verbal and Analytical. Taken within the last 5 years.

DAT: Minimum total of 17. Taken within the last 3 years.

MS Application Instructions


Note: THESE INSTRUCTIONS ARE FOR DOMESTIC MS APPLICANTS ONLY (U.S. citizens or permanent residents who have obtained a U.S. bachelors degree).


Completed applications contain the following components:

1. Application (on line)

2. Personal Statement (upload on line)

3. Three letters of recommendation (upload on line or hard copy sent to program director via email). ALL letters must be directed at evaluation of your capabilities for success in graduate school not medical school

4. Official MCAT, GRE or DAT scores (electronic copy)

5. Official Transcripts (electronic or hard copy)

Application Fee ($60 non-refundable fee) – Need valid credit card and its security code from the back of the card (CCV).



Complete the online application at eApp – Online Admissions Application. The web link is:


Create an on-line application account if you are new to our application system and do not already have a PIN by clicking on the "Create Account" button to the right. If you are a current or former IU student, you may use your login information to log in and some of your information will self-populate the application form.


Answer the questions in the Personal Information, Additional Information, ApplicationInformation, Department Information sections.


Note that you may save your responses and return to the application at a later time usingyour SAME PIN and PASSWORD. To protect your application responses, please save your work often. At the bottom of each page are three buttons; “previous page”, "save", and "next page". Click on "save" if you would like to save your work and complete the application at a later date. To log out, click on the “LogOff” button at the top right hand corner of the page.


For the “Application Information” page make the following selections:


Type of Degree: Masters

Academic Program: Cellular & Integrative Physiology (IU Graduate School)

Academic Plan: Cellular & Integrative Physiology MS Track

Are you applying to a dual degree program: No

Term: select Fall term


Scores: We accept MCAT, GRE and DAT scores. Enter all of your score categories (for GRE verbal, quantitative and analytical. As the percentiles are what is really used to evaluate your scores, please upload a copy of the MCAT, GRE or DAT scores. The copy will need to include your name, id number, raw scores and percentiles. If your scores are not available at the time of your application, please email a copy to when they become available.



Information that you may which to discuss includes your purpose in entering the MS program and what your future goals are and how this program can help. Your undergraduate and graduate (if appropriate) background. This could include your field of study, courses you liked, any gaps that need filling such as a missed course needed for your future goals. Any problems or inconsistencies should be addressed such as a bad grade should be addressed. Any personal information about you as a person that you feel would contribute to your academic success. Upload your personal statement to the application website. PLEASE include your name on the personal statement document.



Three letters of recommendation from appropriate current or recent academic instructors and / or academic employers are required. Acceptable referees DO NOT include friends, clergy, co-workers etc. Referees may either utilize the electronic submission option found in the online application (this is preferred); or referees may e-mail recommendations to or have letters mailed directly to program director at the address listed below.

Referees should comment on the following if possible:

 i.   How long and in what capacity do you know the applicant?

 ii.   How many students have you known at this level?

 iii.   What is the candidate's intellectual potential; creativity and originality; knowledge in chosen field; ability to work independently and with a team; maturity; motivation for graduate study; writing ability; oral expression; integrity; and overall potential for graduate studies in biomedical sciences.

All letters MUST be directed towards admission into a GRADUATE PROGRAM. Recommendations for entry into MEDICAL SCHOOL are NOT acceptable and must be revised to address your capabilities for being successful in Graduate studies.

Combined letters from a recommendation committee or distribution service is also acceptable IF they are directed toward graduate school admission. The can be sent directly to the program director (


MCAT Scores - taken within the past 3 years. Minimum total score is 25 (old format) or 497 (new format). AMCAS Code: 129 (Indiana University School of Medicine). Applicants may request a copy to be sent to the program director ( oryou  may download a copy from the AMCAS site and send it as an email attachment to the program director who will validate the scores with AMCAS.

GRE Scores - taken within the past 5 years. Minimum scores are >50% in each test area. Institution Code: 1325 (Indiana U - Purdue U Indianapolis)Department Code: 0609 (Medical Sciences

DAT Scores – taken within the past 3 years. Minimum total score is 17.



Official transcripts from ALL previous colleges and universities (transcripts should indicate that your bachelor’s degree has been awarded and the date of award unless you are currently enrolled in the degree granting program. In this case, a current transcript will be acceptable. Electronic or hard copy transcripts are acceptable. The address is:

Patricia J. Gallagher. PhD
Professor, M.S. Program Director
Indiana University School of Medicine
Department of Cellular and Integrative Physiology
Van Nuys Medical Science Building, Room 2061
635 Barnhill Drive, Indianapolis, Indiana 46202

Master of Science (M.S.) Degree Program


Application Deadline

Applications for August 2016 entry to the M.S. program are now being accepted.

The application deadline is June 30, 2016. Applications in progress as of June 30 will be allowed two weeks for completion of submission of transcripts, scores, letters of recommendation.

Applications are generally reviewed on a rolling basis as soon as they are completed. Notification will be via email.




Last Update: 1/22/15 

Commencement is on May 7, 2016

Information will be provided to students in Spring 2016

635 Barnhill Drive, Medical Science Bldg. Room 385 | Indianapolis, IN 46202-5120 | 317-274-7772