PhD Minor in Cardio

The objective of the Cardiovascular Sciences minor program is to provide students with a comprehensive background and understanding of integrative cardiac, vascular, renal and pulmonary (patho)biology. This objective will be accomplished by providing students with a wide variety of options to advance their education in the area with the following advanced didactic coursework.

A minimum of 12 credit hours outside the student’s major department; that would include:

Required Courses______________________________________Credits
G735 Cardiovascular, Renal & Respiratory Function in Health & Disease 2
G830 Advanced Cardiovascular Physiology 3
G831 Concepts & Controversies in Cardiovascular Science 2


Remaining Credits from the following_______________________Credits
F592 Intro to Biomolecular Imaging 3
G640 Cell Physiology of Epithelial Cells 1
G667 Tools and Tehniques in Translational Research 3
G703 Physiology of the Coronary Circulation 1
G704 Physiological Proteomics 1
G706 Designer Mice - Transgenes and Knockout Animals 1
G707 Physiology of Smooth Muscle 1
G708 Cardiac & Coronary Physiology of Exersice 1
G712 In vivo Microcirculatory Physiology 1
G713 Angiogenesis 1
G714 Development of the Vascular System 1
G74X Fundamentals of Neuroscience I, II, and/or III 1-3
G747 Principles of Pharmacology 1
G761 Molecular & Cellular Physiology of Ion Transport 1
G762 Renal Physiology 1
G782 Physiology & Pathophysiology of Lipid Rafts 1
G805 Diabetes and Obesity 2
G825 Advanced Topics in Molecular Biology 2
G848 Bioinformatic Applications to Proteomics and Genomics 2
K535 Physiologic Basis of Human Performance 3

The minor program will be approved by the student’s advisory committee which will take into consideration the student’s total didactic experience. The advisory committee may approve additional and/or substitution of appropriate courses to complete the degree requirements. The minor representative on this Committee will be selected from outside the student’s major department.


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