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Experimental Expertise (pdf) of our Faculty 

Our department is actively involved in the Indiana Clinical and Translational Sciences Institute (CTSI) as we work together to increase translation of our biomedical research to improving the health of people of Indiana and beyond. Translation includes technology transfer and movement of basic research to clinical studies in humans.

Med Sci Imaging Facility
Our department is home to an imaging facility that includes a two-photon confocal microscope and an epifluorescent microscope with digital camera.

VisualSonics Vevo 770 High-resolution in vivo Micro Imaging System
More information is in this Word Document

Physiology Core Equipment

The following equipment is available for departmental use. For more information, for help with the use of equipment, or to report problems please contact the labs that are responsible for its maintenance.

MS 322 Beckman Ultracentrifuge Gallagher Lab 278-7385
  Sorvall high speed centrifuge Kempson Lab 274-1444
  Packard scintillation counter Kempson Lab 274-1444
  Packard Gamma Counter Pavalko Lab 278-1844
  Rotary Bacterial Incubator Elmendorf Lab 278-0419
  Beckman Spectrophotmeter Gunst Lab 274-1443
  Densitometer Gunst Lab 274-1443
  Autoclave Elmendorf Lab 278-0419
MS 354/2 Rotary bacterial Incubator (2) For MS 354/2 equipment contact either
MS 354 Sorvall high speed centrifuge Herring, Gallagher or Pavalko Labs
MS 354 Sonicator 278-7385 or 278-1844
MS 365 Cryostat Herring Lab 278-7385
MS 365 Small animal prep room/Dissecting microscope Herring Lab 278-7385

Additional equipment available in Physiology labs, which is available to others in the department for limited use

IB 456       Clauss Lab 278-2837
Beckman Coulter Cell Counter
Molecular Devices Fluorescent Kinetic 96 Well Reader (Flexstation II)
Biotrace Hypoxia Workstation InVivo 200

MS 306       Sturek Lab 278-0772
ABI 7500 real-time PCR instrument

MS 350      Gallagher Lab 278-7385
Boekel Hybridization Oven
Pharmacia IPG Phor isoelectric focusing apparatus

MS 354      Herring Lab 278-7385
Refrigerated Desktop centrifuge
PCR machines (2)
MacVector sequence analysis software
Gel Drier

MS 354      Pavalko Lab 278-1844
Fuji Digital Imaging System

BRTC rooms 342, 344, 347      Witzmann Lab 278-9742,  updated 8/15/2007
Revco UltraLow Temp freezers (-45 & -80)
LSB AngeliqueTM Gradient Gel Casting Systems
BDTM Free Flow Electrophoresis (FFE) system
Invitrogen Zoom®IEF Solution IEF System
5 Bio-Rad PROTEAN IEF Cells
3 Hoefer (Amersham Biosciences) 20 gel ISO-DALT Electrophoresis Systems
PROTEAN Plus DodecaTM Cell
CriterionTM DodecaTM Cell
CriterionTM Cell
Hoefer PS250 power supply
2 E-C Apparatus 3000V programmable power supplies
3 Bio-Rad Semi-Dry Blotters
Fuji Lanovia Quattro flatbed scanner
GE ImageScanner III
Molecular Imager®FX with external lasers
Shimadzu Chemical Ink-Jet Printer (ChIPTM)
PerkinElmer Multiprobe II robotic protein handling system
prOTOFTM MALDI Orthogonal-TOF mass spectrometer
Jouan SpeedVac System
Micromass Axial MALDI-TOF reflectron mass spectrometer
ThermoElectron Finnigan LTQ linear ion-trap mass spectrometer with nanospray and API MALDI sources
Michrom Paradigm MS4B Biocompatible Multi-Dimensional HPLC Pump
Surveyor Plus 2D HPLC System
2 Fisher Model 60 Sonic Dismembrators
Ohaus GT4100 top loading electronic balances
Mettler AE360 toploading electronic balance
Mettler AE166 analytic balance
2 Forma refrigerated circulating baths
Fisher 900 refrigerated circulating bath
Versamax EXT Microplate Reader with Soft Max Pro
Orion pH meter
Horiba conductivity meter
Beckman TL100 ultracentrifuge
Fisher 235C microcentrifuge
ThermoElectron GR4i centrifuge
2 Eppendorf 5417C centrifuges
Heto CT60e refrigerated cooling trap
Hoefer gel drying apparatus
2 heavy duty reciprocating shakers
vacuum pumps
Boekel 120V incubator
Muffle furnace

Last update:  7/11/2006  except as noted above

Physiology Department News and Photographs

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