Primary Faculty

Basile, David ..... Pathophysiology of kidney disease
Bohlen, Glenn ... Regulation of the microscopic blood vessels in normal and diabetic conditions
Clauss, Matthias Angiogenic factors and endothelial activation
Day, Richard ...... Pituitary cell-type specific gene regulation
Elmendorf, Jeffrey Molecular mechanisms by which insulin regulates glucose transport in muscle and fat cells
Gallagher, Patricia Cytoskeletal regulation of cell death
Gunst, Susan ..... Regulation of smooth muscle contractility by the cytoskeleton
Herring, Paul ...... Regulation of smooth muscle development
Kempson, Steve Kidney epithelial cell membrane transport
Obukhov, Alex ... Function and biophysical properties of TRPC Channels
Packer, Subah ... Smooth muscle mechanics and biochemistry
Pavalko, Fredrick Mechanisms of signal transduction through cell adhesion molecules and the cytoskeleton in regulation of cellular function
Rhodes, Simon ... Regulation of endocrine organ development
Seye, Cheikh ....... Nucleotide Receptors in Vascular Diseases
Sturek, Michael ... Ion transport in vascular smooth muscle and endothelium; in vivo diabetes, hyperlipidemia, exercise training
Tune, Johnathan Mechanisms of coronary dysfunction in obesity and insulin resistance
Witzmann, Frank Proteomic applications in toxicology, alcoholism and cardiovascular physiology

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